Deer fillet from Basunda farm

This deer fillet is served with a wonderful mild and
creamy purée of Jerusalem artichoke.
To this is served a thyme sauce, fresh, fried leaf spinach together
with a homemade marmalade from the local farm Hargodlarna.
SEK 295
Wine suggestion: Les Grandes Serres Hommage du Rhone, Cote du Rhone, France

Pike-Perch fillet from Lake Glan

This appreciated pike-perch is served with a white wine sauce
with a touch of saffron, leeks tossed with zucchini.
Of course the potatoes comes from Östergötland.
A dish with an exciting taste and wonderful colours.
SEK 275
Wine suggestion: Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay, USA
alt. Matys Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, South Africa

Turkey fillet from Vikbolandet

From Visätter farm nearby comes this delicious fillet.
We have marinated the turkey breast in red wine and herbs.
It is served with a creamy sauce with a mild taste of chanterelle
and sweet chili
Of course, the potatoes are from Östergötland
and the marmelade from the local farm Hargodlarna
SEK 250
Wine suggestion: Las Mulas, Carmenére, Chile

Filled Portobello Mushroom

The taste of summer: herbs and garlic, creamy bean-filling,
alongside this amazing mushroom and combined with pickled red onion,
makes this dish complete.
It is combined with chopped potatoes and zucchini.
A perfect choice for those who prefer vegetarian food.
(included in our 2-course menus)
SEK 215
Wine suggestion: Colpasso, Italy

Hake with herb spiced butter

This good MSC-labeled hake fillet is served with potatoes from Östergötland
and sliced butter flavoured with parsley and vegetables
(included in our 2-course menus)
SEK 180
Wine suggestion: Grauburgunder, Pinot Gris, EKO, Germany

Sommarhagen's classic Game Minced Beef

This homemade classic dish is very popular among our guests.
We serve it together with a good juniper sauce, marmalade from
the local farm Hargodlarna and potatoes from Östergötland.
(included in our 2-course menus)
SEK 180
Wine suggestion: Matys Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot, South Africa

All main dishes are served with home baked bread and butter
as well as coffee / tea

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